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We help our clients succeed on their journey with the transformative power of data using advanced data expertise and industry leading technologies, no matter how much data the clients have, what it is or where is located. We always have a solution to meet clients' big data analytic and data management needs.

Data Architecture and Integration

We use our our advanced Data Science techniques in designing the structure, transfers, storage and usage of data at all levels of the enterprise. Our core competency and focus is extraordinary proficiency and advanced solutions for the client’s data architecture and integration efforts by integrating all of client's data across multiple environments and our enterprise data catalog solution can enhance our clients' enterprise data discovery.

Cloud Migration Services

Our team of professional services staff have a dynamic array of backgrounds clustered in federal agencies that ensures our advanced data solutions consider and incorporate the latest innovations and technology advancements while remaining practical for cloud migration service. The team has tremendous professional experience in data migration plan & strategy, data quality management, data mapping, data dictionary development and meta data management.

Data Engineering Services

By continually drawing upon our experience and expertise in data architecting, engineering, and maintaining ultra-scale data systems for the demanding environments, TIO-TEK data engineering solutions are built to over-perform and volumetrically scale while accommodating the client’s ever growing data collections, user bases, and insight demands.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

We design data solutions which enable our clients to improve their data visibility and find new ways to exploit data intelligence by using automated and scaleable techniques for AI/ML-Ready data management.

Data Security

We implement automated controls in our solutions in discovering, analyzing, and remediating data risks. Using our total solution of products and services, we analyze raw data to develop intelligence left behind by attackers to identify persistent threat actors and anticipate future attacks. 

Data Analytics & Management

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