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TIO-TEK provides engineering services in core areas of systems engineering, enterprise architecture, acquisition engineering and business process re-engineering. Our engineers possess a wide range of expertise and offer technical consulting & support for all stages of the IT acquisition lifecycle.

Systems Engineering
we have built systems engineering principles into all of our processes in supporting our clients. The engineering teams design, develop, and optimize IT solutions that integrate new technologies, cloud computing, software, and processes in an environment of continuous collaboration. The team has various systems engineering experience and expertise in supporting SecDevOp Agile software development, digital transformation, continue integration, continue testing and deployment to deliver the capabilities fast to our clients, as well as supporting System Engineering Technical Review (SETR). We draw on 20 years of experience and a wide range of fresh perspectives from our dynamic engineering team to move projects forward, and we are focusing on the following System Engineering processes:


Enterprise Architecture

We promote the use of various Enterprise Architecture (EA) methodologies and tools, with consulting and technical competence necessary to provide best-of- breed services. Our EA services specialize in DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and model based systems engineering, and we customize our EA services to best fit our customer’s specific needs and environment.

Acquisition Engineering
Our acquisition engineering bridges the gap between system technical expertise and acquisition & program management, transforms technical terms and methodologies into non-technical language for cross functional capabilities, to increase acquisition collaboration between various disciplines and engineering discipline. Our acquisition engineering services focus on developing engineering requirements for Performance Works Statement (PWS), identify engineering deliverables, develop engineering cost estimate and Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE), document systems engineering processes.


Business Process Re-engineering
We help clients to develop and understand their value chains and business needs, and effectively integrate people, process, and technology using a cross enterprise team-based approach to deliver tangible results. THe team is specialize in utilizing simple, logical, collaborative methodologies with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for assessing business process weaknesses, identifying business gaps, and implementing targeted opportunities to streamline workflow, leverage new technologies, implement the new business process into the environment, and sustain improved business process performance.

Technical Management Processes:

  • Decision Analysis

  • Technical Planning

  • Technical Assessment

  • Requirements Management

  • Risk Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Technical Data Management

  • Interface Management

Technical Processes:

  • Requirements Definition

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Architecture Design

  • Implementation

  • Integration

  • Verification

  • Validation

  • Transition

System Engineering

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