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In today’s complex global military and government operations, logistics and asset management play a critical role in supporting the missions. TIO-TEK’s agile logistics and product support subject matter experts, research analysts and IT systems personnel can help our clients dealing with today's greater challenges as the number of assets and the complexity of platforms are growing so dramatically.

Logistics Management Services

Our professionals provide a unique approach in developing leading edge Concept-of-Operations, policy, business rules and implementation plans for IT management operations in environments of acute budget constraints, improving internal logistic management processes to eliminate resource waste. We develop key performance metrics across a wide array of operations, conduct trend analysis and causal relationships to help organizations stay ahead of requirements. TIO-TEK helps our clients to have the vision and best value over every aspect of their lifecycle, from planning, acquisition, through deployment to final retirement and disposal. We specialize in:

  • Lifecycle Logistics & Policy Research, Development & Review

  • Secure Supply Chain

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • Metrics

Lifecycle Logistics Management

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